Net-Telco offers UK and international telephone numbers and call handling services that you can manage through a Web interface. Calls can be sent over traditional telephone network (PSTN) lines, mobile, Voice Over IP (VoIP) connections, or any combination of these.

Choose a UK geographic (including 020 Numbers), non-geographic (including 033 numbers, 0800 numbers, 084 numbers, 087 numbers, 09 numbers) or even Non UK Numbers.

Our low cost free phone numbers means that even the smallest business can afford to attract new business by advertising an 0800 number.


Once you have your number you can manage it on line through our comprehensive call management system.

You can simply redirect calls to your existing land line or mobile phone or you can take advantage of our feature rich system which offers facilities that include Announcements, Divert on Busy / No Answer, Call Recording, Voicemail,  Time of day routing, Hunt groups and VoIP Accounts.

Keeping your number when you move

We also specialise in low cost Number Retention, so if you are moving premises and want to retain your existing number we can port the number to the Net-Telco platform allowing you to manage it in the same way as you can one of our native numbers.


Heard about VoIP but not sure how it all works ? With a Net-Telco number a free VoIP account and Softphone you can experiment with this low cost communication method. When you are ready for the next step we can advise you on a VoIP phone solution.

Travel and Holidays

You can use your Net-Telco number to forward calls made to your UK mobile to you whilst abroad avoiding the high call forwarding costs mobile providers charge for this service. Please see our Holidays and Travel page.