When a call is made to your Net-Telco number the call is routed to our London Data Centre. You decide what happens to that call from there.

Features provided free with your Net-Telco Number

Some features and services are not available with free numbers.
Let your caller know they have reached the right place and that a real person will be with them shortly.
Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to a land line or mobile phone anywhere in the world at a very low price.
SIP Forwarding 
Divert your number for free using VoIP.
Lets you know which number has been called so you know how to answer it.
Call Divert on Busy / No Answer
If you are already on the phone, or can not answer the phone the new call can be diverted elsewhere.
Divert your calls to Voicemail. Any messages left for you are emailed to you as an mp3 files.
Advertise a fax number and receive the faxes as emails.
VoIP Account
Configure your VoIP phone with your VoIP account and use it to make and receive calls.

Outgoing Call Services

Low Cost Calls
Take advantage of our low cost calls from a land line, mobile or VoIP phone.
Recorded Calls 
Record outgoing calls via VoIP or by using IDA or the Net-Telco gateway.
CLI Mapping
Use your Net-Telco number as your calling number on outgoing phone calls.
Send an email and have it sent as a fax.

Additional Features and Services

Call Recording
Record calls made to your Net-Telco Number.
Advanced Voicemail
We offer a full featured Voicemail service.
VoIP Trunks
Reduce line rental by replacing ISDN with a VoIP trunk.
Hunt Groups
Have incoming calls ring multiple handsets sequentially or consecutively.
Time of day Routing
Have calls routed differently based on the day of the week and the time of day.
Conference Calls
Create and control your own conference calls.
Auto Attendant 
Create your own IVR system.
3 way Calling and Attended Transfer
Transfer calls anywhere in the world, stay on the line for a 3 way chat.
Professional Announcement Recordings 
We can have your announcements professionally recorded.
Call Queuing
Queue calls until staff are available to answer.
Advanced VoIP Account 
A VoIP account with extra features.
Our Advanced VoIP account Plus also offers extra channels.
If you have your own system you can link to ours using our API.
Number Porting 
Keep your number when you move by transferring it to us.
Traditional Phone Lines and Features
We can provide ISDN and PSTN lines together with some clever features.