VoIP Trunk

Get connected with VoIP and reduce your telephone bills

A VoIP trunk from Net-Telco will maximise your investment in your telephone system and open a new world of flexibility.

A VoIP trunk will open your telephone system to a world of high quality calls and low call charges

Internet connections have significantly improved over the last few years making VoIP calling a cost effect reliable alternative to fixed lines.  A single VoIP trunk can handle many more concurrent calls than even primary rate ISDN. The only limitation is the size of your connection.  A good quality broadband connection can give up to 20 or more concurrent calls.


  • Free Setup.
  • Free Inbound calls.
  • low cost call rates from 0.9p per minute.
  • Existing Fixed line and DDI Number Porting.
  • Fax2Email, Email2Fax.
  • 999 Emergency Calls.
  • Disaster Recovery (failover to UK landlines, Mobile or VoIP).
  • 24×7 service monitoring to maintain service quality.
  • 8×5 Email and Phone Support (9am to 5pm excluding UK bank holidays).
  • G711, GSM, iLBC codec support.
  • SIP and IAX supported.
  • Itemized on-line Call Billing with optional cost centring.
  • Optional Call recording.
  • month on month contract.

2 week trial available (maximum 4 channels).  Top up required to cover call cost.

Types of trunk

We can provide the following types of trunks:

For Use on PBX’s

  • SIP to Fixed IP Address.
  • SIP to Dynamic IP Address.
  • IAX to fixed IP Address.
  • IAX to Dynamic IP Address.

No additional services (eg: call waiting, voicemail) are available on these connections as these should be provided by your PBX. If using a Dynamic IP address you must register with our server, if using a Fixed IP address you must NOT register with our server.

For Use on Phones

  • SIP to Fixed or Dynamic IP Address

Additional services are available with this type of connection. You MUST register with our server.

Get the most from VoIP

VoIP is a great technology but it can easily be let down by poor quality broadband, over sharing and cheap routers. You can optimise your investment to provide high quality communications for your business and still save on the cost of a fixed line solution.  Using Net-Telco’s dedicated VoIP prioritised broadband connection and a quality router will give you the infrastructure to make the most of your telephone systems capabilities.


  • We charge on per channel, channel type basis
    • Incoming channels      £2.95 per channel per month.
    • Outgoing channels      £0.50 per channel per month.
  • We provide 2 free channels (one incoming one outgoing).
  • Incoming channels can be used for outgoing calls but outgoing channels can not be used for incoming calls.
  • If you monthly charge is less than £10 per month we will charge you in advance on an Annual basis.
  • The minimum number of channels on a trunk is 4 (2 in and 2 out, of which one of each is free).

Service Monitoring

As an optional add on to our trunk service we can provide a monitoring service to check the status of your trunk connection to Net-Telco and sent you alerts by email or SMS should we detect your system has lost connection.

This service is available at £2 per month. SMS alerts are charged for.

Setting up a Trial Trunk

If you do not already have one, please create an account on the Net-Telco platform.

If you wish to test outgoing calls you need to have credit on your account.

Please complete the Trial trunk email request

All prices are subject to, but are quoted excluding VAT.