Holidays and Travel

If you are traveling abroad it is a great idea to pick up a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

But what happens to calls made to your UK mobile phone number while you are abroad ?

The cheapest solution is to forward your UK mobile number to your Free Net-Telco number (forwarding to Net-Telco 03 numbers will be included in your mobile phone call package) then once you get your new local SIM you can log onto the Net-Telco portal and set forwarding up to the number issued to you with your SIM.

Calls forwarded from Net-Telco to foreign mobiles are a lot cheaper than calls forwarded from a mobile provider.

Your Net-Telco 03 number is free you will however need to top up your net-telco account in the same way as you top up a PAYG mobile. You can do this via the Net-Telco portal once you have selected your free number.

Your Free Net-Telco number will expire if it is not called and answered for longer than a 28 day period. If you are using the number purly for forwarding whilst abroad don’t forget to pick up a new free number each time you travel.

The good news is that unlike some providers your top up balance does not expire, so it will remain on your account indefinitely ready for you to use each time you travel.

If you prefer to choose your own number and keep it for ongoing use you can purchase a number for as little as £8.50 + VAT per annum.

Advanced Users

If you buy a number and expect to make / receive a lot of calls whilst abroad you might consider using VoIP to make and receive calls. You can do this by requesting a Free VoIP account and installing a VoIP client on your mobile phone.

It might be worth considering an Advanced VoIP account which would allow you to set up failover to your local SIM number if your VoIP account was not reachable.