Nuisance and fraudulent phone calls

We are starting to receive a number of complaints regarding Nuisance and fraudulent phone calls coming from numbers allocated to Net-Work Internet Ltd (

We are a Telephone Communications Provide regulated by Ofcom and as such have over 1,000,000 numbers allocated to us.

When you receive a nuisance call from a number allocated to us, these calls are not actually coming from us.

It is possible these calls are coming from one of our customers, however it is much more likely these calls being made by unscrupulous businesses that spoof the CLI (Caller Line Identity). This means that the number you see as the calling number, or the number read back to you when you call 1471 is forged. This is similar to you receiving marketing material in the post with a false return to address printed on the back of the envelope.

The  unscrupulous businesses do this so you cannot trace where the call is coming from. They tend not to use “Number Withheld” as the find that these calls are blocked or not answered.

You can confirm if a number has been spoofed by calling the number that called you back. If you hear a message saying the number is not in service, or you get an unobtainable tone this means the calls made to you were using a forged CLI.

If the call is answered, you should take the case up with the person answering the phone. If you get no joy from them please contact us at with date and time of the call you made. Please also provide the number you called from and to. We will then look into this for you.

We are often asked why we cannot stop these calls. These calls do not originate from, or pass through, our network. Most of these calls originate from call centres in India. As the calls do not touch our network we cannot stop them. It might be worth you contacting the communication provider providing you with your line as they may be able to block the number on their network.

Many complainants tell us that they are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Unfortunately, the people making these calls are usually based abroad and have no respect for UK law.

You might consider reporting the incident to The Information Commissioner’s Office

If the incident is a serious one and you have been a victim of fraud please report the incident to the Police:

If you would like to report the number to us, please fill in the below form.