UK VoIP Numbers

What are VoIP Numbers ?

In exactly the same manner as 07 numbers are assigned to mobile phones and 01, 02 numbers are assigned to UK Geographic phones; 056 numbers are those that are assigned to VoIP phones. 056 numbers are non-geographic numbers for Internet based telephone communications. Anyone can call your Net-Telco 056 VoIP number through the traditional phone system at the same cost as calling a standard UK 01 or 02 land line number.

You can also be contacted for free by other VoIP users. Simply advertise your Net-Telco number in a similar way as you do your email address


Using this information (sip URI) anyone can call you for free over the internet.

A Net-Telco 056 number is perfect if you want to advertise that you use VoIP.

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The difference between VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services and traditional phone services is that VoIP voice calls and messaging services are provided over a broadband internet connection rather than over traditional telephone networks. It works in much the same way as a traditional phone system – you can call and be called from any number as normal – the main difference is that with VoIP, you have no line rental to pay and benefit from free calls to other VoIP users via their sip URI and lower call costs to traditional phone users as you are using the Internet for part of the call.


To use a VoIP service, you use a broadband Internet connection, a SOLO account  and either:

  • A VoIP phone.
  • VoIP software running on your computer.
  • VoIP software running on your smart phone.

Please see our Phones and Apps page.

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