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If you do not yet have a VoIP device and want to try before you buy then a softphone on your computer, tablet or mobile phone is a good place to start.

We do not believe in re inventing the wheel so we suggest the Zoiper softphone. There is a free version and a paid for version available for most platforms (including mobiles). Please see the Zoiper website.

The Android operating system has a sip client built into it.

To use a Softphone with Net-Telco you will need a VoIP account which is available free with any purchased Net-Telco number.


We try and keep things simple here by just recommending a single phone system that is flexible enough to suite most situations.

N300ip and C430

The Siemens Gigaset N300IP Base with one or more C430H DECT handsets.

This combination brings communication to new heights with parallel calls, exceptional sound and online features including internal call transfers.





The Gigaset N300 IP is the easy-to-configure hybrid DECT IP base station that lets users enjoy calling over both a landline and the internet. Multi-line support allows registration of up to 6 Gigaset C430H handsets to the base station and up to 4 parallel calls (1 landline + 3 VoIP) can be made at once. All VoIP calls are in HD sound thanks to exceptional HDSP™ technology. Energy-saving2 ECO DECT means that the Gigaset N300 IP is eco-conscious as well as hi-tech.


  • Hybrid DECT IP base station for landline and VoIP calls
  • Multi-line for up to 6 handsets and 4 (3 SIP + 1 PSTN) parallel calls
  • Energy-saving ECO DECT
  • Compatible with multiple Gigaset handsets
  • Compatible with provisioning standards: TR069, MAC address, code based auto-configuration
  • Expandable up to 6 VoIP accounts / numbers
  • Can connect up to 6 RTX 4002 DECT Repeaters for extended range


The Gigaset C430H handset has a large 1.8-inch high quality colour display, which can be customised to suit your taste by choosing from two appealing background colour schemes and setting a personalised screensaver. It’s large 200 entry phonebook can store 3 numbers per contact, a personal screensaver, ringtone and birthday reminder.


  • Large 1.8″ TFT colour display
  • Two colour schemes to choose from
  • 2.5mm headset port
  • Modern user interface with jumbo font for extra convenience
  • Large phonebook for up to 200 entries (each with full name, 3 numbers, ringtone and birthday reminder)
  • Phonebook transfer via DECT
  • List of last 20 missed calls with time and date
  • Handsfree (speaker phone)
  • HSPTM for excellent sound quality
  • Selectable day/night switch that mutes the handset’s ringer
  • ECO DECT energy saving features supported
  • Standby time up to 300 hrs/ talk time 14 hrs
  • Room/ baby monitoring
  • Wall mountable


Base with 1 handset £87
Base with 2 handsets £124
Base with 3 handsets £161
Additional Handset £37





If you require a more advanced handset we can offer the Gigaset S650 H at £62 each

S650H-largeThe Gigaset S650H PRO is a perfect handset for use with the Gigaset N300IP. This handset has a large 1.8″ TFT colour display with an intuitive icon-based user interface.
The S650H PRO supports hands-free calling via loud speaker, Bluetooth headset or wired headset with 2.5mm jack connection.
The S650H PRO handset’s surface has a special coating which is scratch resistant and offers protection against disinfectant liquids. This means it can be kept scratch free and squeaky clean, making it an ideal choice for industrial and manufacturing companies, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.


  • 1.8″ (128×160) TFT colour display
  • Intuitive, icon-based user interface
  • Convenient data exchange via Bluetooth® or mini-USB
  • Handsfree talking with brilliant sound quality
  • 12 hours of talk time
  • Organiser with calendar and reminder functions
  • Ergonomic keypad with amber back light
  • Side keys for easy volume adjustments
  • Address book for up to 500 phonebook entries
  • Headset connection via Bluetooth® or 2.5mm jack
S650H £62




If you require a Dect Desk Phone we offer the Gigaset Pro Maxwell C DECT Business IP Phone

The wireless office of today has shed the need for physical network connections. Our computers and office phones are all cordless – and the Gigaset Maxwell C leaves you with supreme flexibility from the desk.


  • 5-way navigation key for easy operation
  • Large 2.8″ TFT-colour display with a modern user interface
  • Hands-free talking with brilliant HDSP/CAT-IQ 2.0 sound quality
  • Headset connection via Bluetooth or via RJ9 connectors
  • Internal directory with up to 500 entries
  • 8 quick dial keys next to the display and 9 behind the numeric keypad

£119 + VAT

Maxwell C DECT £119



The RTX 4002 Repeater allows you to double the overall range of a DECT telephone.
The RTX 4002 Pro Repeater allows you to increase the range by up to 2.4Km.
Promising spectacular audio quality on both narrow band and wide band.

rtx-repeater-1The RTX 4002 Repeater is by far one of the most cost-effective and reliable repeaters on the market today and has proven to be a huge success amongst businesses from around the world, both small and large.

The RTX 4002 Repeater allows for up to 6 repeaters per single base station and each repeater can take up to 2 simultaneous calls at any one time. It is also fully equipped with an automatic registration method and 2 internal antennas for maximum signal frequency range.

Some of the features and benefits of the RTX 4002 Repeater include:

  • Worldwide DECT support which means it can be used anywhere in the worldAllows for you to extend the overall DECT coverage rangeYou can handle up to 2 simultaneous calls at any one time.
  • Automatically handover calls between cells.
  • Automatic registration method.
  • Can be easily mounted on to walls if required.
  • A receiving sensitivity of -92dBm.
  • Designed in accordance with the DECT standards.
  • 2 internal antennas for improved frequency range.

So there we have some of the key benefits and features of the RTX 4002 Repeater. If you are looking to extend the range of your DECT telephone, then the RTX 4002 Repeater is definitely worth taking into consideration seen as it can double the overall DECT range, which can be ideal for businesses and offices.

RTX 4002 Repeater £49
RTX 4002 Pro Repeater £82





DX800A-largeThe Gigaset DX800A all in one is the professional multi-line desktop phone for small offices and home offices. From its comfortably modern design to its large 3.5″ TFT colour display, this corded desk phone has executive chic with business-like functionality to match. Being a hybrid phone means the Gigaset DX800A all in one is truly flexible and can be configured to either IP with ISDN (PTMP mode only), or IP with fixed line. Being a multi-line telephone means it supports up to 4 calls in parallel; ideal for busy environments. If you ever need to expand your horizons; the DX800A acts as a DECT base station with the ability to connect up to 6 handsets.


  • Connect up to 6 DECT handsets. This means that this is a great business telephone solution for up to 7 users.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous calls making it ideal for busy environments (3 VoIP & 1 land-line, 2 VoIP & 2 ISDN (PTMP mode only) or 4 VoIP).
  • 6 SIP accounts this means that each DECT handset could have it’s own telephone number.
  • Large 3.5″ colour TFT display with intuitive user interface.
  • HD quality sound that complies with Cat-IQ 1.0.
  • Large address book with 1000 up to vCard store useful contact information including: first, last name, company, job title, 3 phone numbers, photo, email, website, address, birthday, notes and time zone.
  • 3 Answer phones with up to 55 minutes of recording time means that people can always contact you, even if no one is free to answer the call.
  • Professional finish this phone is professional inside and out, with a metallic finish.
  • Call recording if you are making an important phone call you can record it. The message saves in your answer phone list ready to play back when you need.
  • Conference calling the DX800A supports 3 way conference calls.
  • E-mail supports e-mail notifications (subject, heading, time & date, start of the message).
  • Various screen saver options pictures, logos, slide shows, clock and more.
  • 6 memory keys for quick access to frequently dialled numbers.
  • Link2mobileTM connection to mobile via Bluetooth® this means that you can make and receive calls via your mobile phone. Helping you make best use of your mobile contracts.
  • Extend the DECT range by adding the RTX 4002 you can extend the DECT range (Up to 6 can be added).
  • Energy-saving ECO features.
  • Handsfree and mute functions.
DX800A £165


Record your calls

At the touch of a button (or screen) your calls will be recorded and securely stored in your Net-Telco account using our unique recording facility. For more information on call recording see our Call Recording page.