IVR Administration

Net-Telco Account and Number IVR Administration

Your Net-telco account and numbers can be administered from a telephone using a dial in IVR (interactive Voice Response) system. This makes it simple to change your settings when you don’t have access to a computer or the internet.

This guide shows you how to get set up ready to use the IVR and gives an overview of the available menus and options. Some options affect the account as a whole and some are specific to the Net-Telco number you are administering.

The IVR is not available with free Net-Telco numbers.

Getting Set Up

First Net-Telco needs to recognize you as the caller. To do this you register the CLI (number) of the phone you will be calling in on to your account:

Log into the Net-Telco Portal From the Numbers drop down select Registered Numbers. 

Click on the + to add the number of the phone you will be calling from e.g. 0723400001.

You can add more than one CLI.

Dialling In

Using one of the phones you have registered with your account dial your Net-Telco number. You will hear a beep. At this point you have 3 seconds to press a key on your dial pad. If you don’t press a key or don’t press it in time the call will continue on as normal.

If you pressed a key in time you will hear a welcome message followed by the main menu choices.

IVR Menus

The menus will prompt you with a list of choices. Press the key on your keypad corresponding to the choice you want to take.

You can hang up at any time.

Main Menu

From the main menu you have the following options:

Listen to or change your number forward menu

This menu presents your with following further options:

Hear your current number forward

The forward for the number you dialled is announced to you. Including the Forward type and the number or destination.

If the destination is not numeric e.g. a SIP URI the system will do its best to read it to you.

Enter a new forward number

Here you will be prompted to enter to enter a number to forward to.  The number can be a land line or mobile or a PBX phone extension via a Net-Telco trunk.

If you are forwarding to a trunk you must enter the trunk number followed by the extension to forward to. E.g. if you want to forward the call to extension 100 on your PBX and the Net-Telco trunk number is 12345 you would enter 12345100 at the prompt.

Forward your number to a Solo or Soho account

If you only have 1 Solo or Soho account the forward will be set up automatically.  If you have more more than one you will be prompted for Solo/Soho extension number to forward to.

Forward your number to Voicemail

If you have a voicemail number set up in you account this option will forward the current number to it. To set up a voicemail number log into your account and assign one of your numbers to be a voicemail number. For more information please see the account help guide.

Reject calls to this number

Set the number to reject all calls. The caller will hear a disconnect tone.

Set number to “Held For Customer”

Using this option will play an announcement to callers informing them the number is held by a customer.

Record an announcement for use with call whisper

This option will prompt you to record an announcement that you can then use for call whisper on any of your Net-Telco numbers. (excluding free numbers). For more information please see our call whisper guide

Listen to your account balance

The remaining call credit on your account will be read out to you.

Enable or disable call recording

This enables or disables call recording on your account and applies to all inbound and out bound calls through your account.