Siemens Gigaset Setup Guide

Below is a guide to setting up the Gigaset N300IP to work with Net-Telco.

Other Gigaset devices have similar interfaces.

You can download the Gigaset N300IP user guide here

Follow the instructions on the users guide to open the web interface.
Once logged in click on settings > Telephony > Connections
Click on Edit against IP1

Gigaset Screen 1

You will have been sent an email with connection details relating to your VoIP account.
You will need the highlighted details to complete the next screen.

Gigaset Details Email

Enter these details into the next screen.
You can enter your own name in the Display Name field.
If you have more thane one Net-Telco account you can identify each line by changing the entry in the Connection Name field.
Press Show Advanced Settings.

Gigaset Screen 2

Complete the Advanced Settings screen using the information emailed to you as per the screen below (note: the server name may differ from the example below).
You may need to experiment with Stun set on and off. Try setting it on first.
Press the Set button.

Gigaset Screen 3

You should now see a screen showing that the connection has registered. Often you need to wait a minute then refresh the screen to allow time for registration to take place.
If registration fails try disabling Stun (see previous screen).

Gigaset Screen 4

Once registered click on Dialling Plans and set 999 and calls to numbers starting with 1 to go via the land line.

Gigaset Screen 5